Smart Contract Hub is a decentralised platform for sharing information and files about smart contracts on Aleph Zero networks. It's purpose is to simplify the use and audit-ability of smart contracts.

The Pitch


  • Users require files (ABIs) to interact with contracts via Substrate Contracts UI.

  • Developers require files (ABIs) for their apps and a significant amount of development time is required to find, store, and structure their code to use it.

  • Doing your own research (DYOR) is difficult when often, the only information available is an address and some encoded data.

  • No easy way exists to find and access this information.


A Smart Contract Hub where users can:

  • Find contract information and files in one site via contract address.

  • Access ABIs for apps via API.

  • Share contract files and information such as project name, project website and Github link for others to to analyse and use.

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